My first year living the Paleo Lifestyle

It’s been a year of drastic life changes. I’ve always been very health oriented however with a broken mind you can’t get a strong healthy body. I’m thankful for my drive and ambition – It takes me to great places however it also drives me into a destructive lifestyle. I put too much value in achievements (my own) which takes me very far away from being present or being mindful. For example, being present at a yoga class was impossible, it made me more stressed than before the class. Having a whole day with no plans was also impossible… Becoming sick forced me to take a step back and reanalyze my life. First it broke me into pieces and now I’m trying to put those pieces together with a healthier mindset.

One piece in this puzzle is food. I decided to eat Paleo since it makes sense to me – Nutrient dense clean food. Changes I’ve noticed with the Paleo diet are;

Less hay fever, stronger nails, better skin/hair, less bloating/stomach ache and more energy.

My autoimmune symptoms did not reduce until I consulted a naturopath and included some supplements. Now a year later I’m feeling much better. I still have some flares but I’ve noticed they are only stress related. So to summaries I can say that Paleo keeps my general health in a good state. It increases my gut health which will lead to a stronger immune system and good oral tolerance (you can read more about this in the research section) . In combination with mindfulness, stress reduction and changes in life priorities I’m feeling so much better compare to before! I have a mind-body communication that did not really exist before.