About Me

My name is Sara Rhost and I grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. As long as I can remember I´ve been very health-conscious. I started as a spinning instructor when I was 17 years old followed by working full-time at a fitness centre and as a gym-instructor before I started University. At the University I had the chance of taking my interest in health and biology to another level where I finished off with a PhD in Immunology. One thing led to another and I decided to move to Melbourne, Australia to learn more about stem cells and cancers during a Postdoctoral position at Monash University. I´m now back in Gothenburg again where me and my partner moved in to a cute little house just outside Gothenburg.

Why I started with the Paleo diet? Ever since I started University (or even earlier) I´ve had problems with my feet. Bunions and alignment problems. Surgery after surgery (totally 6 surgeries) did not fully fixed my problems except from removing bunions. I still had pain and problem keeping up with my active lifestyle. I stopped having spinning classes, running etc. and basically became inactive compare to before. This caused a lot of emotional stress and anxiety. A major reduction in my quality of life. One day my orthopedic doctor told me that my pain is not in proportion to my feet appearance – It must be something els… They performed a lot of tests and it all looked normal except from high ANA (antinuclear antibodies – when your body develop antibodies against your own cells or cell-nucleus). To make a long story short I´m now diagnosed with Reynaud´s syndrome, Chilblain Lupus and Undifferentiated connective tissue disease. Known triggers for me are stress (including emotional stress), extreme temperature changes, jet lag or imbalances in my normal day-to-day routine and perhaps several unknown factors. It came to a point where self-pity did not do anything for me and I needed to do something about my situation. I started with the paleo diet (or I should say lifestyle because it´s not really just about the diet) a year ago (April 2015) as well as that I started to “work on” additional aspects involved in healing. I started to meditate, practice mindfulness, seeing a psychologist, consulting a naturopath, practice yoga and reducing stress caused by expectations and overwork.

Did I notice any difference?  Short answer is Yes. Immediate changes were less bloating, more energy and better skin/nails/hair. However, my autoimmune problems needed longer time to heal. It was not until I was seeing a naturopath and included traditional medicine that I noticed a difference. In addition, I found out that I had a MTHFR mutation (C6777T) , D vitamin and zinc deficiency among other deficiencies. There are many pieces in the puzzle and you need to consider them all to be able to put the puzzle together. You can read more about my first year of adopting the Paleo lifestyle here.

In this blog I will talk about what I`ve experienced, how I manage my symptoms, how I keep active and I will also share a lot of Paleo recipes. Occasionally I will also try to include some research facts in the area of autoimmunity, diet, cancers etc. However my ambition is to inspire (and to be inspired) to a healthier and happier life. I also want to apologies in advance for any spelling errors – My native language is Swedish… 😉