Exercise doesn’t have to be at a fitness centre and you don´t have to buy all the expensive gear. Exercise can be going for a swim in the lake, taking a walk in the forest, playing with your dog, gardening or just using you own body and do a circuit using nature in your backyard. However I believe you need to get your heart rate up. You will experience great benefits if you start exercising. If you have an autoimmune disease like me, moderate workout is my lifesaver. It stabilizes my mood,  increases my blood circulation which in turn will increase oxygen flow to all parts in my body to promote their function. I get a stronger relaxed heart that are able pump out more blood in one beat, my immune system improves and my stress hormones decreases. There are endless of benefits with exercise. However keep it balanced, too much exercise can actually have opposite effect. Let your body rest and listen carefully to it. I always try to be flexible in terms of my exercise. Perhaps I planned to do a Tabata session (interval training) with strength exercises but my body feels tired and stiff, then I change to perhaps  yin yoga (meditative stretch) and postpone the Tabata session for another day. The result, I listened to my body and through stretching and meditation I could decrease stress hormons, increase blood flow and improve my immune system. With increased blood flow and oxygen, the circulation of immune cells increases and you can fight of any potential infection easier. You also improve your mood and your mental capacity.

Skärmavbild 2016-05-23 kl. 18.35.20.pngThey key for me in terms of exercise is to do things I love. I don´t force myself to do any type of exercise that I don´t like. I believe if you do so you lose the advantage of exercising , you loose more than you gain. You create mental and cellular stress. I can honestly say that I feel much stronger and fit now compared to in my 20s when I was exercising everyday for hours. Looking back in the mirror, this was also the time point where my autoimmune problems started…





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