Reflexology experience

Healing, It´s a constant phenomenon that occurs all the time. A wounded tissue, a sore muscle or an inflamed tendon. Our bodies do amazing things to heal us from all types of issues daily. You don’t put too much focus or distrust in your body’s ability to heal, it’s a natural thing that we usually take for granted.

What happens when you have a chronic situation? Like a chronic disease. Do you lose your trust in your own ability to heal? Yes, for me this is what happened. I got scared and avoided all situations that caused me discomfort and an increase in symptoms. I got anxiety over the fact that it would lead to new flares that will take months and months to “heal”.  Instead I pushed my body into a safe position where I managed my symptoms as good as I could but on the other hand this did not promote healing. My body created a protective layer and my painful and diseased areas where left alone.

When I was living in Melbourne, my naturopath recommended me to see an acupuncturist or a massage therapist to combine my otherwise healthy lifestyle and naturopathic help with. It would hopefully help me to relax and to let go as well as to speed up the healing process. Therefore, once back in Sweden I started to see a reflexologist. I was so excited for the meeting. If reflexology wouldn’t help, placebo would!

My first visit was interesting. I got a whole body scan and it was a lot of painful areas that Paula my reflexologist at hälsosjälen worked on. I learned a lot about the method and had very interesting conversations about how my body reacted to certain pressure points. After I was left very energised and with a sense of deep wellbeing. Wow! This was absolutely wonderful! I decided to see Paula the week after and she continued with my problem areas.  She always ends with a relaxing balancing session which I love. After this session, I was more tired. I went to bed very early and slept like a baby the whole night. That week I felt tired and not as energised as the first time however the pain was slightly better for a few days. I went back the week after and experience almost the same events that week. Tired but more stable in pain levels. The following week she really focused more intensely on my problem areas. Again I felt tired and now my symptoms got worse! Even though Paula told me that this could happen it was a bit disappointing. This could be referred to a healing crisis. Usually a healing crisis occur after you’re feeling your best.  I went back for another session and experienced a relief in my symptoms which would last a couple of days. However, followed by a worsening in symptoms. I also experienced fatigue and massive headache. I´ve also noticed that my body are more sensitive to alcohol and lack of sleep. As for today I´ve had one session per week and I´ve been seeing Paula for 7 sessions. My symptoms are somewhat less frequent and I´ve experienced some reduction in pain level which is great. I will continue seeing Paula once a week for a couple of more session where after I will continue with a session monthly. Hopefully I will experience a gradually improvement.

I don´t expect miracles to happen over a night. I have a chronic illness that I´ve been struggling with for years and years. I believe it will take time to see improvements. The fact that I experience a shift in symptoms from better to worse – in cycles – suggests that the healing event is a stepwise process.

How about you? What´s your experience with natural therapies? Have you experienced a healing crisis?



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